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find your grail

My original plan went out the window when I went shopping with Krissie, my twin sister, who was on a mission to get chicken noodle soup ingredients from Stop & Shop. When we passed by the meat section, I happened to spot marrow bones and jumped for joy like the knights who just found the holy grail!!!!! I pretty much couldn’t contain myself, thus resulting in the following:

Shortly after my spontaneous Disney princess like dance party in the supermarket, I went home and put my tripod to good use.

Yes, I am well aware that I look like a complete noob. After seeing this picture, I also realize I should probably find my actual photography lights rather than using my ghetto fab light from college. One fun photography toy I came home to was a light box. It’s still in its shipping package, but I’m hoping to get it moving and shaking for the actual dish tomorrow night. In the meantime, I’m off to soak my marrow bones in salted water.

Marrow Bones

Though I’m disappointed that I didn’t get my butcher interview, I’m absolutely positive I will have my time to shine with the lamb neck. For now, my grocery aisle dance will have to suffice. Until tomorrow!