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stack ’em high

I’ve decided to come out of my hell hole to give Ray a break.  Ray, you can thank me later by posting a video.  If you don’t, you will be sorry.  Please refer to crazy statue monkey below.

I have his number… don’t make me call him

Haha, I am too much sometimes.  On this past Friday, I cooked dinner for my extended family and built the menu around my grandma’s favorite foods, cauliflower and salmon.  Though the result was out of this world fantastic, I neglected to bring my Nikon with me for the trip home since I told myself I would focus.  Damn it for being responsible and studious!!!!!  However, I loved the salmon en papillote and roasted cauliflower puree so much, I’ll probably do it again when I go back to Boston.  I vow to be a cooking/photographing/blogging monster.  Pinky swear!

In the meantime, I will post about a guilty pleasure of mine… pancakes!  I have a thing about ordering pancakes when I go out for breakfast.  And by a thing, I mean I don’t.  When I visited Ray, I ordered over easy eggs at the Original Pancake House. Really? you’re thinking.  Yes, really.


I am by no means a snob because Lord knows I make terrible pancakes from scratch.  I also loudly and proudly support the use of Bisquick.  Yes, I said Bisquick.  Deal with it.  When I make my “lazy man’s” pancakes, I’ll jazz them up with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract and some combination of mushed up bananas, blueberries, and/or chocolate chips.  The result?  Always a perfectly fluffy and satisfying stack of pancakes.  Do I doubt the pros can do this better than I can?  Maybe.  Perhaps I’m just not willing to let them win.

the pour

Fortunately, I “the lazy man” have not resorted to the shake and pour Bisquick.  I would not allow myself to fall plummet from grace like that.  And so the mystery continues as I will never concede defeat to restaurant/diner pancakes.

Good to be back for 15 minutes.  Until the 28th guys!