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New Digs

Part 2 of moving ended yesterday and after a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom, the new place is feeling more like a home. I’m still in the process of unpacking and trying to figure out what to do with all my kitchen gear, but that’s not stopping me from showing a preview of the new place. If anyone needs help painting, call Katie, not me.

I’ll Never Get Tired of Restocking an Empty Fridge- I’m Right Side and Top Shelf. Little Bit of a Tight Squeeze to Sink and Cabinets. Gas Stove (Thank God) and Wasted Space. Dining Room With Fake Fireplace. Fresh Paint (“Gladewater” previously Light Peach… Almost Pink) with a Reddish Brown Trim in the Bedroom.


I also have 1 roommate and was initially a little skeptical because of the mess when I moved in, but after some cleaning on both parts, the place is looking better. Today, my roommate made stuffed cookies (chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo in the middle), which was on my to do list. I think we will be just dandy.


Couch Surfing

My recent absence was a result of having to move out of my apartment of 2 months due to my roommate leaving suddenly and without warning (he was a weirdo so I wasn’t too sad). Because I wasn’t able to find a replacement in time, I ended up moving in with my sister until I find a new place. The upheaval led me to getting a storage unit where the Cuisinart product line and the majority of my kitchen gear sit. That and my camera. As a result, there has been a lack of documentation of recent eats and kitchen equipment. The good that has come of it include saving a good chunk of change and being able to walk to most parts of downtown Boston when the weather permits.

Too Much Money Spent on Kitchen Gear…

Goodbye Toys

In my search for a new digs, I’ve been rather picky, trying to sacrifice as little as possible for convenience. That includes affordable groceries, cheap restaurants, and located near the T. Davis and Porter Square fit the bill nicely, but nothing great popped up on Craigslist yet. Also in the running are Central Square (people getting shot), Coolidge Corner (long commute to work on the Green line), and North End (small apartments, no groceries). Long shots include South End (expensive, no good cheap restaurants) and North End (small apartments, no groceries).

I Wish I Could Live in the City Too

If anyone has a magical solution, it will be welcomed!