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Portland, Maine

The NY Times article I read a few years back first put Portland, Maine on my radar as a dining destination, but back then, I already moved out of Boston and was adjusting to the more French and Southern inspired DC dining scene. When I moved back this winter, I made a goal to take a trip out with Katie and Krissie and as of this past weekend, I could cross it off my list. Sadly, we did not make it to any of the restaurants mentioned in the list, although Duckfat was by the same people who created Hugo’s.

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Mail Order Food

It all started with a pear. A Royal Riviera Pear from Harry & David to be exact. My college roommate received a gift basket from his parents and had the pears in the fridge. During that semester he and another one of my roommates were in the semester from hell in our business school, where each of our teams had to write a business plan. The week before the business plan is due, we didn’t have any classes, just a single deadline to meet with a completed assignment. After the final stretch, staying up for 24+ hours with no food, we all returned to our room and recapped the ordeal.

Pears So Juicy, You’ll Need a Spoon

As we looked into the bare fridge, the pears were offered and gladly accepted. As we took our first bites, juices literally gushed down our hands as we bent forward to avoid the mess. We eventually hovered over the sink and devour the sweet nourishment. I told a few of my friends and family about the pear epiphany, and the next semester my sister sent me a similar gift basket for my birthday from Harry & David though not with the same pears, since it was no longer in season. I did however, get to try a few other snacks including the moose munch, shortbread cookies, truffles, and candy covered bing cherries.

Once I graduated and began working at marketing agencies, I was able to sample some additional treats from our vendors come the holidays. Chocolate covered pretzels, peanuts clusters, jelly beans, cookies, and popcorn tins all made appearances. Katie even sent me two live lobsters, bib and claw crackers included, one year for Christmas. Yesterday, I ended up staying in the office a bit late and had some leftover treats for dinner. Peanut clusters, caramel popcorn, and rice crackers were on the menu. Protein, vegetable, carbs, and dessert were taken care of!

Receiving food in the mail is a great gesture as it allows for sharing and sampling of a variety of treats. However, it tends to be pricey so definitely trying to make friends that get care packages from their parents. Or you can always work at an agency.