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summer supper

A few number of things have been keeping me from blogging including work, yummy dinner dates, moving Ray Ray to his new nest, and almost drowning (no big deal).  You know, the usual.  To expound on the drowning bit, I went white water rafting up in Maine on the Penobscot River.  Some crazy girl used me as her life preserver — silly! I’ve concluded that you’re one of two people in a scary situation: 1) a chicken without a head or 2) someone that actually has half a brain and remembers what the instructor told you 5 seconds ago. Durrr. If anyone is around the New England area, give the guys up in Northern Outdoors a go.  Tour guides are friendly, fun, and will love you if you mention “surfing”.

In the meantime, I’m back on track for weeknight salad dinners with the twinnie.  I found myself wandering the aisles of Whole Foods after a rather long day at work.  Anything food related is a real stress reliever for me.  Without resorting to the chocolate bacon bars (which are SOOO good), I left with some good produce and other random treats.

Treats from Whole Foods! — Salmon Sashimi and Summer Rolls Tonight’s summer salad — baby heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, kalamata olives, baby arugula and feta with a lemon vinaigrette (lemon juice, evoo, S&P)twinnie time – this only took a few tries with the timer and we finally gave up on actually centering the thingAll pau!


It’s not even the official start of summer and already, I feel like my weekends are booking up!  They’re all fun things of course, but this happens every summer.  I’ll have things I intend to do, which somehow always get thrown on the back burner.  I’ve resorted to making a list to solidify some of those plans and actually hold myself accountable to achieve them.

1. Spend more time with food and drinks on my balcony.  Afterall, that’s what it’s there for!
2. Go bike riding around Martha’s Vineyard or the Cape.
3. Replace old pictures on my walls.
4. Learn to shuck oysters, preferably somewhere warm.
5. Get that bleeping tattoo you keep talking about!
6. Throw that guacamole party inspired by Rick Bayless.
7. Travel far and wide.*
8. Skydive in Newport, RI with girlfriends – adrenaline rush and a tan as an added perk.
9. Take a cooking class.
10. Dine at No. 9 Park again (that and/or Menton).**

* This one is kind of unfair since I know this is going to happen already.  I’m very excited to announce I will be staying in a France apartment for a week.  I plan to eat, cook, and be merry.  Nothing like some Paris air to breathe some summer life into this blog.

** Yes, I know I have a sick obsession with Barbara Lynch.

I hope you all stick to your summer lists this year!