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Food Porn

Being a food blogger has catapulted me into the world of pornography.  Confused?  Don’t be.  We’re not talking about the kitchen scene from 9 1/2 weeks.  We’re talking about food porn, and there are a lot of perverts out there that will salivate all over their keyboards staring at macro images of just about anything edible.  As weird as it sounds, you’d be surprised to find how easy it is to get sucked into this practice.  Places like Tastespotting, Foodgawker, Food Porn Daily, and even This Is Why You’re Fat (when you’re feeling especially gritty) are some feel good websites that get your salivary juices flowing.

For us, it started with a cupcake.  This cupcake to be exact.

Triple Citrus Cupcake

This cupcake brought us triple digits!  We went from like 20 views a day to 393!  I remember freaking out around noon when we broke a hundo.  Ray and I were pretty psyched.  Titillated even.  And since, I have been a maniacal food “photographer”.  I wake up early on the weekends to cook things so that my lighting can be perfect.  I force feed my boyfriend things like prune stuffed gnocchi in the middle of a Saturday because I was the crazy person who set her alarm early to get things moving and shaking in the kitchen.  I guess you could say it paid off?

With stats like these, we could be your #1 fantasy player

What followed were equally labor intensive recipes that had small windows of opportunity to be shot under proper lighting.  I tell you, food does not like that ugly warm yellow light in apartments.  It also doesn’t like harsh sunlight since some pretty gnarly shadows join the party.  Post processing in Adobe can be your saving grace, but truly food loves natural light like I love anything dipped in cheese. 

Two days ago was a revelation for me.  I had always been under the impression that cupcakes were the bells and whistles.  All those dancing peasants out there jump and scream for cupcakes.  Forget about it when you have frosting piped on with a 1M tip.  Evidenced by the number of cupcake dedicated food blogs, Cupcake Wars on Food Network, and cupcake bakeries popping up from coast to coast, it’s a trend that is truly sweeping the nation.  Revelation time — As it turns out, clams and linguine is the librarian fantasy.  Seemingly unassuming, and then kapow!  It takes you by surprise.  490 views!  Wowee!  Let’s just hope we haven’t climaxed just yet.  Cheap and ridiculous pun intended.  Scene.