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you say crayfish, I say nay fish

The next recipe coming down the pipe is Crayfish Salad with French Cocktail Sauce.  This recipe stuck out to me the day I picked up Cafe Boulud Cookbook  almost 5 weeks ago.  I read through the recipe and thought, this is it.  This is why we’re going to make our blog.  It’s easy and really representative of a somewhat “fancy” dish that a home cook can really make, thus Boulud delivering on his promise of French American recipes for the home cook.

5 weeks later, I’ve almost forgotten this.  This whole week I’ve been thinking, where in the world will I get crayfish?  I think about it before bed, in the shower, during my 4 hour CPA class.  I live in the northeast, which at the moment is under the never ending blizzard siege.  I only need 3 lbs and it seems like the minimum is 10 lbs on most web vendors.  I love you Daniel, but I can’t afford to keep up with you and your crazy live crayfish requests.  I plan to be out of commission for the last three weeks of February.  Maybe I should just go balls to the wall and fly myself to New Orleans to get some live crayfish myself.  Joking.

I’m expecting a huge snow storm on Friday, so I have to make a game time decision tomorrow at the market — shrimp or lobster?  The crayfish cartoon above looks kind of like a lobster and from the countless late night web research hours I’ve put in, crayfish sounds like it’s closer to a lobster texture than to shrimp.   Ah.  Decisions, decisions!  You’ll have to come back this weekend and find out which I bought.  It’ll be a surprise to you and me both.