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Meanwhile in DC

With the new years and decade just around the corner, it’s about damn time Katie and I started a joint food blog. After over two and a half years since we’ve left the dorms at BU, we’ve remained busy in our respective kitchens sharing stories of failed meringues, unevenly baked cupcakes and clogged kitchen sinks. Our story actually goes back further to the beginning of freshman year where Katie slowly molded me into the culinary obsessed person I am today. Long hours of studying in front of Food Network turned into delivery from the many non-reputable Chinese takeout joints around campus and evolved to sushi hunting around Boston. Junior and senior year gave us our first kitchens and allowed us to feed roommates and for Katie to throw parties with fish and steak tacos, bulgogi, sushi, cupcakes and countless punch bowls with extra splashes of vodka when no one was looking.

Learning the hard way that Lucky Wah is not the key to collegiate success

Fast forward to the present and you’ll find two code monkeys looking for something new to challenge and inspire themselves. Enter Cafe Boulud Cookbook where pan seared chicken breasts and steaks become pate and calf liver. I’ll be the first to admit fear as beads of sweat formed on my forehead while going recipes with words that I can’t pronounce. However, this isn’t going to stop us from getting some hands on experience with French techniques and ingredients. Our victories will be Spartan yelling worthy. Our failures will be stomach wrenching.

This blog will be a healthy mix of recipe reviews and commentary, food news and hopefully provide some insight on what goes on in the minds of big dreamers. This will be a stepping stone to something greater and something to look back on fondly when we are critiquing turkey on white bread with a side of cucumber salad and naked baked potato at our assisted living communities. I’ll be starting things off with Onion Soup with Braised Beef Shank.


let the journey begin as told by Katie

What better way to start 2011 than to embark on an epic culinary journey with one of your best friends?  Ray and I have some pretty lofty dreams and we’ve talked endlessly about our foodie obsessions since our graduation from Boston University’s School of Management in ’08.  After realizing that we’re only getting older, I set the ball in motion.  I picked up a copy of Café Boulud Cookbook at Borders three weeks ago when my boyfriend produced one of those magic holiday coupons.  Thanks Allen!

I read through the book cover to cover three times that following weekend.  That Monday I made the decision that this was what Ray and I needed.  If we were ever going to get some of our dreams off the ground, we would have to take baby steps to get there… like be in the kitchen more often and challenge ourselves.  I immediately ran to Amazon to express ship Ray a copy of the cookbook as a Christmas gift.

Fast forward to today now that we both have our copy in hand.  We’ve decided to split the book by its 4 sections and then by subsections.  For instance, the game plan is to start with La Tradition.  Ray will start at the beginning of Soups, Starters, Small Dishes, Lunches, and Anytime Food and I will start at the end until we cooked through that section.  Then, we will move onto the next La Tradition subsection — Main Courses, until we have finished the entire La Tradition.  Sounds easy, right?

So where do we go from here?  Well, first I think Ray and I need some high def webcams.  That way, we can speak to each other candidly and share some of those conversations with you.  Anyone reading out there will also get to see how ridiculously good looking we are.  Consider yourselves lucky.

We could also use some cast and crew mates e.g. friends who are willing to take notes, pictures, and Flip videos for a potentially delicious payoff.

I could also use some extra money, but I’m afraid that’s coming from just us.

I’m extremely intimidated now that we’ve laid the ground rules.  My first recipe to tackle is Crusty Marrow and Porcini Fricassee.  Holy cow, here we go.