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Interesting Eats: Black Chicken

No, I’m not a llama

Yesterday, I had a home cooked meal by my mom who served up black chicken also known as a Silkie. I would sum them up as small chickens with black skin, and dark dark bones and light gray/slightly dark purple meat. It is truly unappetizing in appearance compared to a golden brown piece of fried chicken or an oven roasted chicken with crackling skin. It is common in Asian cuisines to serve it in the form of soup as it is believed to have healing properties. Anything that looks like that must be healthy.

Buzz, Your Girlfriend, Woof.

My mom boiled the chicken along with some dried mushrooms and a few slices of ginger along with some salt and soy sauce. The soup had a lot of depth, tasted healthy and nourishing. Served with some plain noodles, it certainly was plain Jane. I received a leg and thigh. The chicken was tender and similar in texture to a regular chicken, but had its own unique favor rather than taking on more of the flavors around it. I would be open to having it again and think that once you get over the appearance, black chicken will become nothing more than just that, a black colored chicken. I’ll be adding this to my interesting eating feats including chicken feet, squid ink, frog legs and jellyfish. I’m still working towards rotten shark and insects. Someday.

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