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Incredible Croissant Making Video

While taking a break from apartment hunting, I went through my food blog bookmarks and came across a seriously awesome croissant making video on Serious Eats. I’ve always idolized bakers and their ability to create beautiful treats that take both meticulous technique and skill to create batches and batches of pastries. The hours that they keep are killer just so that they can have these ready in time for your coffee heading into work.

This ten minute video takes you from measuring ingredients to pulling out golden brown calorie bombs out of the oven. The baking process is truly a mouth watering process as the slow build up of raw ingredients builds as you can see the final outcome forming especially as the fragrance begins to drift from the oven. Just try to control yourself from opening the oven before it’s finished and drooling all over your shirt.

This video is also getting me pumped for my return to Boston as I will be able to once again visit Clear Flour Bread, Flour Bakery & Cafe, and various Asian bakeries. Washington DC bakeries have lagged, but I was able to sustain myself on local chains like Firehook Bakery and not to local chains like Le Madeleine. Heller’s Bakery was disappointing and Stick Fingers Bakery is vegan. And just to be clear, cupcake shops aren’t bakeries!