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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, friends!  I hope you all enjoyed a filling and festive meal with your families and friends. If you’re in my family, you make sure to grab the mashed sweet potatoes with sliced apples lest you miss your chance at the apples! You then proceed to talk loudly, laugh a whole bunch, and take in the family time you so desperately needed.

You clean your plate too… but not before snapping a picture.

I’ve already received cookbooks galore this Christmas, so prepare for fun foods in 2012. Enjoy the rest of 2011 everyone. Cheers!

I’ll have some west coast with that butter

Katie, Ivy, and Ray — three very full traveling companions, at the famous Chinese Theatre

Guess what? We’re alive and posting from California!

This trip has been a long time in the making. After finally passing my last CPA exam this past February, I was able to make the executive decision to inject more fun into my life.  Why not round out my first summer of freedom with a foodie fueled west coast adventure with old college friends I haven’t seen for years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  YEARS.

Our timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  By a stroke of luck neither Ray nor I typically experience, we were able to fly safely out of Logan Airport Saturday morning right before Irene hit Boston.  We were greeted by a very friendly and familiar face, Ivy who flew into LAX from Palo Alto.

Once we got our big bear hugs out of the way, we headed out to Roscoe’s for some rib sticking chicken and waffles.  Having never experienced this before, I was more than ready to fill my quota of true “soul” food.

We each ordered southern style fried chicken (dark meat obviously!) with waffles.  In a total gratuitous act of fatness, we ordered a large plate of chicken chili cheese fries.  Let it be known, we’ve made a lot of decisions like this one since the first day.

What arrived was a plate full of crispy fried chicken (disappointingly, a breast and a drumstick — seriously, white meat puts the BOO in boob), two golden waffles, a heaping ice cream scoop of butter and a small cup of syrup.  Whether or not it was pure maple was debatable.

After I took it all in, I found myself in a conundrum.  Is this finger food/knife and fork food/a mixture of both?  My comrades took different approaches as Ivy started eating her drumstick with her fingers (a girl after my own heart) and Ray went in with his utensils.  I did some kind of unassertive mix of both.  Am I supposed to have a bite of waffle and then a separate bite of chicken?  Do I put the chicken on the waffle and let some of the grease fill up the nooks and crannies?  Should I sandwich the chicken between the two waffles and risk exposing my true barbaric eating habits to the regular patrons?  Am I supposed to be this boggled by soul food?

Once I decided to stick to utensils and take a bite of everything all at once, the myriad of flavors exploded in my mouth.  This reminded me of one of my staple favorites, bacon doused in maple syrup and not just drizzled, but poured with a very heavy hand.  Savory and sweet, not battling, but dancing together in frenetic excitement.

The chicken chili cheese fries were a sad plate of not surprisingly very soggy french fries.  Though the additional pieces of chicken thigh dotting the dish were fun, I have nothing further to say about these.

This was my first experience with chicken and waffles and though I’m sure this particular experience is not going to set the golden standard for me, it certainly was eye opening.  I think of all of the food out there that has not crossed my path and realize the new experiences are really endless.  I’m just lucky that I have food companions that are more than willing to take on the new adventures with me.

vive la france!

Bonjour friends! I have been absent do to my inability to pack in an organized way. I am off to Paris for a solid week and plan to eat/cook like a banshee. Upon my return, there will be posts. Prepare, exalt!

P.S. As a very pleasant going away present, NYS finally legalized same sex marriage. Sometimes the people really do get what the people want.

New Digs

Part 2 of moving ended yesterday and after a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom, the new place is feeling more like a home. I’m still in the process of unpacking and trying to figure out what to do with all my kitchen gear, but that’s not stopping me from showing a preview of the new place. If anyone needs help painting, call Katie, not me.

I’ll Never Get Tired of Restocking an Empty Fridge- I’m Right Side and Top Shelf. Little Bit of a Tight Squeeze to Sink and Cabinets. Gas Stove (Thank God) and Wasted Space. Dining Room With Fake Fireplace. Fresh Paint (“Gladewater” previously Light Peach… Almost Pink) with a Reddish Brown Trim in the Bedroom.


I also have 1 roommate and was initially a little skeptical because of the mess when I moved in, but after some cleaning on both parts, the place is looking better. Today, my roommate made stuffed cookies (chocolate chip cookie with an Oreo in the middle), which was on my to do list. I think we will be just dandy.

acting foolish

Ray being deceived by Katie to act foolish. This is a fairly normal thing for us.