Restaurant Review: Saus, Part 2

Last year we reviewed Saus, and almost a month from the one year anniversary, we got to try a bunch of the new menu items at a tasting a few days ago. Katie and I were served tasting portions of the Veggie Croquette, Sloppy Jacques, Chicken Sate Pocket and Drunk Chick Sandwich along with sides of the Apple Cabbage Slaw and Liege Potato Salad.

New Menu is Up!

Getting Excited

Tanya Rockin the Bandana and Chin Rockin a Sweet Hat

Veggie Croquette, Apple Cabbage Slaw, Liege Potato Salad (back to front)

Chicken Sate Pocket, Drunk Chick, Sloppy Jacques (front to back)

The clear winner of the group was the Veggie Croquette- crispy exterior, warm & fluffy interior and drizzled with samurai sauce. The Liege Potato Salad also got high marks from Katie and me, and it was one of the better potato salads I’ve had because of the smokiness from the bacon. While the Chicken Sate was ok, it played a much more important role in helping to bring in a new peanut sauce (Pindasaus), which I enjoyed with fries this weekend.

Since we only got to have tasting portions, we were still a little hungry and split a spicy Frikandel- Belgian/Dutch street food (some hybrid mix of a burger/hot dog/sausage). It was my first time having anything like it and was surprised by how much I liked it considering I was thinking it might have been similar to brats, which aren’t my favorite.

Frikandel with House Pickled Jalapenos and Ole’ Chipotle Sauce

We spent the remaining time snapping pictures so I will leave you with some of Katie’s beautiful photography.

Renee Customer Servicing

Awards and Memorabilia // Working Those Stations

View from the Counter

The Counter //The Register

What You Do When You’re Hungry Near Faneuil Hall

3 responses to “Restaurant Review: Saus, Part 2

  1. andy1076 January 30, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Oh man that looks gooood!!! 🙂

  2. meeeeeeeeeeeeew February 11, 2012 at 7:50 pm

    i have just gone over several pages of your blog, and i am sooooooo hungry. loving your tasty blog!

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