el pescador

To know me is to know the fish taco.  A bold sentence that barely scratches the surface of my intense love for this tasty gem.

In 2008, I began my love affair of a lifetime.  It happened during senior week, when emotions and my fast metabolic appetite ran high.  I arrived back to BU after being up all night at Mohegan Sun, only to be shuffled onto another bus and off to Martha’s Vineyard. I was exhausted.  I still remember clear as day, Krissie telling me I was passed out the entire bus ride to the ferry. Of course by passed out, she was nicely telling me that I was snoring lightly with my giant trap wide open for all bus occupants to see and hear. I’m sure I was greatly appreciated.

This picture summarized our trip. We threw rocks… lots of them. Mind you, this was early June, MV’s off season.  The other portion of the day was spent on a 4+ hour adventure, biking around all parts of Martha’s Vineyard. We got lost, mostly because we deviated to find a bathroom, which was conveniently located at a Stop and Shop very off course.

The day was wrapped up in a hard shell. That’s right! A fish taco and a nice cold Corona brought my long day to a close. By far, Martha’s Vineyard was the most fun I’d had doing any sort of physical activity for a long time. 4 hours of exercise = not having to feel bad about skipping the gym for my entire senior year.  Mind you, my logic hasn’t changed over the past 3+ years.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was famished or whether it truly was the greatest meal I’d ever had, but that grossly unauthentic fish taco was the most superb piece of food I ever put in my mouth. Thankfully, Yelp has since guided me to some of the “holy grails” of fish tacos in the greater Boston area — El Pelon Taqueria (which subsequently closed due to fire), Dorado Tacos, La Verdad, etc.  Oh yes. You savory little morsels will be mine!

Wah! No longer available!

On Ray and my recent trip to the west coast, it shouldn’t come as a shocker that the ultimate San Diego fish taco was on our list.  After a very long day at Mission Beach and a few rides on the Giant Dipper, we found ourselves at El Zarape in University Heights.  I went for the classic fish tacos – one grilled and one fried.  The grilled was a nice flavorful piece of mahi mahi and the fried was your average piece of white fish encased by a very light fried shell.  The fish taco is humble served in a warm corn tortilla with tomatoes, shredded cabbage or lettuce, and a healthy squirt of white sauce.  Add a very cold Corona and you are transported to flavor town.

Between the Corona and Ray, I’d choose the Corona (Sorry Ray!)

Grilled and Fried Fish Taco from El Zarape // my specialty, seared tuna fish tacos

Fish Taco and Carne Asada Taco from Lolita’s in San Diego

Random fish taco pic from Hawaii (circa 2008) I found on my phone

Now I want to go run to Whole Foods and make my own.  Yes, the pescado taco de la casa!!!! Arrriiiiiiiba!  I know, I get very excited.

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