slow it down at the kebob shop

With recommendations from friends, Yelp, TV shows and food blogs, our eating itinerary began to fill itself with fried chicken, hot dogs, tacos and burgers. After eating said foods in LA Saturday through Monday, we decided we had to slow down for the sake of our health and well being. We arrived in San Diego Monday night and proceeded to skip dinner, giving ourselves some time to rest and cleanse a bit. The following day, the original plan for BBQ was set aside for something close to the hotel, cheap and somewhat “healthier”. Normally, this leads to a shitty salad or mediocre sandwich with a side greens, but The Kebob Shop had other plans.

The Kebob Shop received glowing reviews on Yelp and was only a block away from our hotel. The store was clean, brightly lit and had friendly employees. Katie ordered the falafel and I ordered the lamb döner kebab.  After hearing our names called, we headed to the counter and our eyes met the best falafel and lamb wraps we’ve ever had.

Both were neatly wrapped in warm, thin flatbreads.  The feeling of unwrapping presents near the holidays came to mind.  Meat and fixings (greens, garlicky yogurt, and a side of hot sauce) were evenly distributed and conveniently wrapped, enabling us to enjoy the first half of the meal without having to unravel the wax paper and foil. The shaved lamb meat was tender and juicy, well seasoned with some crunchy lettuce, cucumbers, onions and tomatoes to complement.

Lamb döner kebab in yo face!

Alternating each bite with a little kebob, I was quickly dreading the moment when I would finish the meal.  “I think I’ll be sad when this is over,” I admitted to Katie.  The meal consisted of sighs and disbelief of how delicious and consistent each bite was able to deliver. As I took my last bite, I felt as if I had lost a dear friend.

So far, of the meals I’ve had on this trip, The Kebab Shop would be the one I would have the hardest time passing up for a second visit when there is still so much to eat.

One response to “slow it down at the kebob shop

  1. Beth September 21, 2011 at 5:15 am

    Doner kebabs are THE drunk food of the English. Gotta love ’em!

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