Restaurant Review: Blue Ribbon BBQ

When I visited Boston last fall, Katie, Krissie and a few others went to Blue Ribbon BBQ in West Newton. A few days ago, My sister, her boyfriend and I went to the Arlington location. Both visited yielded the same belly warming sense of euphoria. On my first visit, I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with bbq baked beans, and cole slaw. I finished the plate, but didn’t feel so great afterward, and when I burped, I swear I could taste smoke. Yeah, it’s that good.

This time, I ordered the half rack of Memphis ribs, cornbread, black eyed corn and rice and beans. Although the ribs were piled high (5-6 ribs), the amount of work it took to eat in a civilized fashion and surprisingly not too filling made for a delicious meal without regrets. The ribs were tender and could easily be pulled off the bone, which made for good dipping in the various sauces. The black eyed corn was balanced and no ingredient dominated the side. The rice and beans were very well blended and was flavorful and even juicy, though each still held form, if that even makes sense for rice and beans. The cornbread left a lot to be desired as it was on the harder and less moist side. Overall, I think the pulled pork outshine the ribs. You just can’t beat the fatty juice that good pulled pork gives you. I will be looking to give the brisket a try in the future.

Memphis Ribs, Cornbread, Black Eyed Corn, Rice and Beans

Pulled Pork, Cornbread, Black Eyed Corn and Mashed Potatoes

Beef Brisket Sandwich, BBQ Baked Beans and Cole Slaw

One response to “Restaurant Review: Blue Ribbon BBQ

  1. Geoff Janowski March 24, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the positive reveiw. If you live in D.C. My brother Chris (partner #3 in the Blue Ribbon family owns a bbq joint calle Willards in Chantilly VA. Try it out!

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