The Business of Girl Scout Cookies

The other day in the office, one email in my inbox stood above all else. The subject line was “GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!”. I felt my eyes dilate as I eagerly double clicked to find out more, while thinking “Isn’t it inappropriate to be dealing crack on our company’s network?”

Girl Scout Cookies are infamous for only being available for a few months in the year typically February through April with sales beginning in January. I used to be able to get cookies from some of the younger kids in my neighborhood growing up, but due to the safety issues of door to door sales, obtaining girl scout cookies became a little more of an effort to make it out to public domains where you unexpectedly come across a mountain of cookies and not being prepared with any cash. Another issue is the insecurity of buying so many boxes to haul home so that you can keep them for when times are tough (May-December).

According to Wikipedia, 200 million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies were sold in 2007 and at $3.50/box we’re looking at $700 million in sales. Does the limited time availability inflate sales? Yes. Should cookies be more readily available? YES. Having cookies available on the grocery shelves year round would make it less of a valued commodity, but the sales and fund raising potential is just too huge to be passing up.

I propose a twice a year sales cycle in line with the school year so that cookies are also available for sale September and delivery October-December. Sales would look to increase to about $1.25 billion and the public can be that much happier 3 more months in the year. The refreshingly chocolately, crispy thin mints will brighten any day of the year.


One response to “The Business of Girl Scout Cookies

  1. Krissie January 7, 2011 at 3:15 pm

    You should have seen our living room when my mother volunteered to house all the inventory for our troop. If only I had known the value of it then! Would have swiped a year’s supply.

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